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"Gasperoni Designer Creations"

has specialised in woodworking for over 30 years, boasting raw materials of exceptional quality and partnerships with various internationally renowned architects and designers.

The production processes are performed using cutting edge equipment, by operators with more than thirty years of experience, thus resulting in an industry-leading production system.

The success of each project is owed to the company's ongoing synergies with its suppliers and the masterful guidance of expert consultants, who help the customers make choices that are best suited to the styles and the characteristics of every context.
The company offers designing and manufacturing of medium or high quality
sofas and armchairs
tables and chairs
furnishings for private homes, offices and businesses.
Each design can be viewed in 3D rendering beforehand in order to allow the customer to evaluate the final results. Once design and materials have been chosen, the project is forwarded to the production department, where a computerised system handles the cutting and boring of the individual panels. Once this phase has been completed, skilled carpenters assemble the final product paying attention to the slightest details. The assembled product is then lacquered and finished in the water wash spray booth. Lastly, a team of experts installs the product for the customer.
Thanks to its custom design and fine production processes, the company meets the needs of both private homes and businesses. Among its products, the company offers: modern, classic and glass interior staircases with either self-supporting or masonry structures;
refined furnishing elements designed by architects, such as wood veneer ceiling lamps which create a warm atmosphere;
unique decorative pictures made of wooden structures and assembled by highly-skilled employees;
a wide range of elegant, sophisticated hardwood flooring, both unfinished and pre-finished, which provides excellent thermal insulation.
"Gasperoni designer creations" also offers a vast assortment of fixtures, fasteners and accessories.
Every interior design project, whether for a private home or business, is executed with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail, using the best excellent raw materials and a customised the design that's best suited to the customer's style